Our Classes

18 Months - 24 Months

In our youngest class you will find a ratio of 1:5 teacher to students. You will hear laughing, singing, giggling and find the children playing with age appropriate toys designed to help stimulate their brain and development. Unique student artwork is proudly displayed and is open to interruption as you may not know exactly what it is upon first glance. The children will have freedom to explore their safe environment. Learning and play materials are placed on lower level shelves allowing and encouraging the children’s independence as they chose what they want to play with. Teacher are also excited to facilitate and motivate the children with fun tasks and engaging activities.

Nursery: 2-3 Years Old

The Nursery students maybe a bit older than our youngest group but you will still be happy to know the 1:5 teacher/student ratio still applies. These little “Chatterboxes” love making conversation, playing in the house area and building with blocks and Legos. Whether dancing to “Baby Shark”, reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, playing in our indoor gym, these kiddies are consistently on the move and ready to take over the world. Painting, gluing, ripping paper and adding glitter are just some ways this group creates their art masterpieces. A, B, C’s, 123’s shapes and colors are all introduced to our Nursery group through song, play and dance.

Preschool: 3-4 Years Old

Can you believe that your little munchkin may be ready to learn how to write his or her name, numbers and maybe even some sight words? Our Pre-school kids are given the opportunity to develop deep understanding of life around them through real world experiences. They will begin to understand number correspondence, as well as letter-sound correspondences all while building close friendships. Well that’s just the beginning of a typical day with our Delightful 3’s. Scissors, glue sticks, play dough, chunky crayons, pencils and markers are all apart of the day when you spend it at The Learning Loft.

Pre-Kindergarten: 4-5 Years Old

Your little one is ready to begin Pre-Kindergarten! The Learning Loft has a very well-balanced day planned for our Pre-Ker’s. Music, dancing, painting, and playing are still a big part of our Pre-Ker’s day although there is also time designated for writing, math, science, phonics and much more. Our teachers use multiple sources to prepare the children for Kindergarten. *Fundations is one of the phonics programs that we use to help supplement our letter and phonics introduction. We use math terms like 5 and 10-frames so that they are exposed to the mathematical language they will hear in Kindergarten. Our teachers work in small groups and provide the students the support they need within the subject areas. Hands on STEAM experiments and lots opportunities to verbally express their predictions and conclusions are all a part of the learning experiences that will prepare your child for Kindergarten success.

***We understand that all children are individuals, have different learning styles, and develop at their own pace. While all the academic goals are important, we allow our students to develop at their own speed. We never force a child to do more than they are ready to do. Rather, we encourage them to do their BEST at whatever task that maybe.