What sets The Learning Loft Foundation’s curriculum apart from other daycare programs?

The Learning Loft Foundation believes in a Child Centered Curriculum. What does Child Centered mean? It simply means that our curriculum reflects our students’ interests. We create our own curriculum themes and topics based on what our current students are interested in. During our staff development and prep time, the teachers brainstorm ideas and topics that relate directly to our students’ interests. We carefully research and thoughtfully teach all topics with imagination, innovation, active learning goals, fun and most of all, love! We playfully integrate all major subject areas throughout the day.

As I am sure you know, studies have found that learning improves when children are engaged in a relatable, enjoyable and meaningful activity. That’s why every lesson includes a variety of intriguing activities that stimulate brain development with a focus on creative play. It’s just another way that we make sure your child gets the most out of his or his/her school experience.

Additionally, throughout the day the teachers and assistant teachers engage in active listening to what our students have to say and the ideas they have to share. This type of positive interaction encourages the development of emotional, language, and social skills and enhances the development of positive self-esteem. We also provide lots of opportunities for each child to develop personal interests at his or her own pace.

The Learning Loft truly is a place where learning and fun become one. Children love to come to school because they know they are loved, respected and valued. That is what The Learning Loft Foundation is all about.