School Hours

School hours are from 8:00am – 5:00pm. In the interest of safety, minimum distractions and maximum learning potential, it is required that all children should arrive no later than 9:15am.


The Learning Loft begins enrolling students at 18 months and continues until they are ready to begin Kindergarten

Parent Communication

For younger students, daily sheet highlighting his or her day is handed out. We also create monthly newsletters that are sent out to outline upcoming events and activities. We proudly use the HOMEROOM app that privately displays captured moments of our students engaging in activities.

Open Door Policy

Our open door policy is temporarily suspended due to Covid virus. Please call for more information.


Beginning school is a significant milestone and can be a source of positive growth for everyone involved. Parents are invited to remain with their children for a few days as they ease through the transition of staying in school. Once transition has been accomplished, we kindly encourage parents to give a hug and a quick goodbye. A quick good-bye allows the teacher to focus all of their attention on all the children in her class rather than having discussion with parents.

Arrival & Departure

For security reasons and as per OCFS guidelines, only the parent or specified approved adult will be responsible to drop off and pick up your child. Upon arrival you must walk your child to their teacher and have them checked in. The teacher will conduct a visual health check. If for any reason the teacher feels your child is un-well i.e. fever, rash, pink eye, etc. your child will be sent home unless they have a current doctor’s note confirming the child is not contagious. If anyone other than the parent or previously approved person is picking up, the parent must notify the school in writing and the “new guardian” must show photo identification to the director.

Arrivals and Departures at The Learning Loft